Curriculum studiorum

I graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1996 at the University of Ferrara, Italy. My final dissertation, whose title is "Visual motion and structure estimation", developed at the VIS.I.T. laboratory of the CINECA of Casalecchio (BO) (coordinated by Prof. Sergio Beghelli and Dr. Maurizio Forte), was in design, construction, modeling and validation of a software program in order to estimate the 3D structure of an object observed by means of a mobile camera.

The work consisted in three main parts.

These three parts gave rise to an experimental validation of the model by comparison of simulated and measured data. The final procedure was applied to a real problem: the recontruction of the 3D structure of the skull of a prehistoric man from raw images taken by a mobile camera. The skull of the Altamura Man in the Altamura grotto, Italy.

My study curriculum has been focused mainly on system and control theory. In particular, I have just been finishing my third year as a PhD student in System and Control Engineering at the University of Ferrara, Department of Engineering (Italy). In these years as a PhD student, I have been mainly involved in the following topics:

In the past years I attended the following postgraduate short courses:    
I am currently involved in a joint project regarding fault diagnosis on a single-shaft industrial gas turbine, together with ATSOM Ltd. (UK), The University of Hull (UK) and The University of Strathclyde (UK). Because of such a project, from January 1999 I am working and collaborating with Prof. Ron J. Patton in the Control Systems Engineering Laboratory of Faculty of Mathematics & Engineering at The University of Hull (UK).      

In February, 25th 2000, I was awarded the Ph.D. in ``Automatic Control'' at the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara, Italy.      

From September to December, 2000, I obtained a Postdoctoral Position on Quantitative and Soft Computing Methods for Fault Diagnosis in the "EC RTN DAMADICS" at the Faculty of Mathematics & Engineering at The University of Hull (UK).

I am currently collaborating with Department of Engineering at the University of Ferrara and working on several national and international projects regarding the field of fault detection and diagnosis in dynamic systems, dynamic system identification, fuzzy logic, neural networks and nonlinear system identification for fault diagnosis (hybrid systems).      


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